The Fire
This is a tribute to all the women who since the beginning of time have lost their lives by the hands of men who considered themselves superior, who thought that they had the right to do it, that some unwritten law offered them alibi if they had “a reason”, if a woman was empowered, if she had a will of her own, if she didn’t submit to their commands, if she didn’t fall in line with their standards. Drawing inspiration from the horrible witch hunts of Medieval times and form from the three-bodied goddess of the Greek Mythology, Hecate, which in later times was linked to magic and named goddess-protector of witches, this artwork is a sad reminder that we are perhaps living through a new medieval period and it wishes to perhaps awaken a new Renaissance of equality and logic, when words like “femicide” that are nowadays unfortunately relevant will be but a dark stain in a history book.
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